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Management Digest
corporate governance (správa společností) Management Digest
organizační struktury Management Digest
styl vedení Management Digest
komunikace Management Digest
týmová práce Management Digest
hodnocení Management Digest

Řízení lidských zdrojů

Management Digest
personalistika Management Digest
empowering Management Digest
autonomní týmy Management Digest
odměňování Management Digest
pracovní a zaměstnanecké vztahy Management Digest
řízení kariéry, pracovní síly a získávání pracovníků Management Digest
motivační systémy Management Digest

WWW links SHRM online http://www.shrm.org

Society for human resource management

WWW links HR Headquarters by Personnel Journal http://www.hrhq.com/index.html

Useful source which includes,amongst its services, access to a searchable database of 194 articles from Personnel Journal

WWW links A Catalog of Human Resource and Computer Based Training Software http://www.hrpress-software.com/

An extensive catalog covering many aspects of HRM.

WWW links Business Open Learning Archive http://sol.brunel.ac.uk/~jarvis/bola/

A very useful business site with a strong element of HRM materials.

WWW links WorkIndex http://www.workindex.com/

A valuable site,with well organised and annotated links,brought to you by Cornell University and Human Resource Executive magazine.

WWW links Human Resources @TMC http://humanresources.miningco.com/

The site features a HR topic weekly, which provides focused online resources. There is a calendar of events, an unmoderated chat, and annotated links.

WWW links Internet Guide to Human Resource Management http://www.hrmguide.com

Another useful set of internet sources structured in line with the book " Human Resources in a Business Context" by Alan Price.

Řízení změn k úspěchu

Management Digest
strategické řízení Management Digest
řízení kvality Management Digest
TQM (Total Quality Management) Management Digest
měřitelnost kvality Management Digest
ISO, certifikace Management Digest
řízení inovací Management Digest
krizový management Management Digest
transformace podniku Management Digest

Knowledge management

Management Digest
vzdělávání managementu  Management Digest

Řízení procesů

Management Digest
marketing/prodej Management Digest
výzkum a vývoj Management Digest
IT a plánování  Management Digest
logistika Management Digest
výroba a údržba Management Digest
TIM (Total Integrated Maintenance) Management Digest
finanční management Management Digest
administrativa Management Digest

Kvalita života zaměstnanců

Management Digest
employee loyalty Management Digest

WWW links International Labour Organization http://www.ilo.org/

WWW links Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) http://www.ebri.org/

Established in 1978, the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) is the only nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed exclusively to data dissemination, policy research, and education on economic security and employee benefits.

WWW links Employment Policy Foundation http://www.epf.org/


Management Digest
virtualita Management Digest
networking Management Digest
obchodní partneři Management Digest

WWW links The Global Knowledge Partnership http://www.globalknowledge.org/index.html

The Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) is an evolving, informal partnership of public, private and not-for-profit organizations.

WWW links FAO Partnership Programmes http://www.fao.org/GENINFO/partner/default.htm

The Partnership Programmes, launched by FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf, are an innovative and dynamic means of extending the scope, impact and sustainability of technical cooperation, and promoting a wider participation of Member Nations, their institutions, experts and, above all, the beneficiaries themselves.

Vliv na okolí

Management Digest
ekologie Management Digest
odpovědnost za rozvoj pospolitosti Management Digest

WWW links Mailing List: Ecological Economics (ecol-econ)

This list is to create discussion around alternatives to the prevailing economic paradigms, whether Marxist or neoclassical.
To Subscribe:
  Command: subscribe ecol-econ <Your First and Last Name>
  Command: set ecol-econ mail digest
  Command: index ecol-econ

WWW links University of Maryland: Institute for Ecological Economics


WWW links WEED - World Economy, Ecology and Development http://www.comlink.apc.org/weed/welcengl.htm

was founded in 1990 and runs an office in Bonn. WEED is a Non-Governmental-Organization which strives for fundamental restructuring of the present pattern of North-South relations and for radical improvement of living conditions in the developing countries. WEED is operated by experts and activists from different sectors and institutions dealing with problems of global development. WEED considers the deep transformations the world actually is undergoing to require a far reaching adjustment from NGO's and popular movements if they want to meet the new challenges.

WWW links Information Ecology: Bringing Data to Life http://www.informationecology.com/

Evropská integrace

Management Digest

globalizace Management Digest
legislativa Management Digest
etika okolí Management Digest

WWW links Europa http://www.europa.eu.int/index-en.htm

an official EU server

WWW links Europe Online http://www.europeonline.com/

access to European web sites in a number of categories for twenty-four countries in and around Europe; in each category for each country lists web sites including those of the country's most important companies, organisations and national institutions; tor each country, there is an English version of the page and a version in the country's official language.

WWW links EuroInternet http://eiop.or.at/euroint/

Information Resources Related to European Integration

WWW links The Research Institute for European Affairs http://fgr.wu-wien.ac.at/

Institute of the University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna; European Integration, developments in Eastern Europe, IEF online working papers.

WWW links EURODATA http://library.cerge.cuni.cz/Databases/Euro.html

is a source of information on the European Union and associated countries with a stress on the economic implications of the accession process.

WWW links Enlargement of the European Union http://europa.eu.int/comm/enlargement/index.htm

WWW links List of the key documents on enlargement http://europa.eu.int/comm/enlargement/docs/index.htm

WWW links "Enlargement Weekly" http://europa.eu.int/comm/enlargement/docs/weekly_arch.htm

This e-zine aims to inform you on the major developments of the enlargement process and will keep track of all the important issues relative to your country.


Management Digest

konkurenceschopnost Management Digest
benchmarking  Management Digest
competitive intelligence Management Digest
srovnání/statistiky Management Digest

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